They love us.

The whole Areen team wants to thank Soba’s team for our first working collaboration experience. We firmly believe that you have exceeded our expectations. Not only technically but Soba has also been extremely good at communication… in our experience this is not an easy feat. Something that we do not come across very often. We certainly hope to continue with the Areen/Soba working collaboration and will be very happy to recommend you to any company. Please keep the high standards… in our industry we are as good as our latest project!!!

Pablo from Areen Design

The power and importance of visually communicating our designs cannot be underestimated. Hrvoje and his team at Studio Soba are truly amazing. They have come through every time exceeding my expectations delivering world-class images of the highest quality. They are not only brilliant technicians but artists in their own right.

Michael from Michael Dawkins Home

It’s rare to find a company as easy to work with as is Studio Soba. In each instance I have used their services they have accurately translated the development’s designs in a realistic and high end manner. Of equal importance is their ability to meet deadlines. I value Studio Soba as integral part of my team during the creation of our marketing and branding campaigns.

David from Citi Habitats New Developments

Studio Soba was wonderful to work with. We always joked that they could read our minds, taking our designs and bringing them to life, returning to us a final product that was better than we imagined.

Jacqueline from Whitehall Interiors

Studio Soba is our go-to rendering team for all the visuals of our designs. Not only are the final renderings flawless, but the Soba team also makes the process of creating the perfect render so easy and professional. Our clients often assume the renderings are photographs, as the Soba team’s attention to detail makes our designs really come to life.

Stephanie from Alchemy Studio NYC

Studio Soba is extremely effective at capturing my design concepts. The team is very responsive and always takes the time to fully understand all aspects of the design and how that influences the image composition. It’s this attention to detail that make the visualizations stand out. I highly recommend them.

Andrew from Andrew Gitzy Design Interiors

Working with Hrvoje and his team—for any professional seeking support in the 3-D arena—is an exceptional experience. The care, attention to detail, and never-quit attitude make him an asset. The quality of work his studio produces is second to none. We have worked with many other firms; Soba stands head and shoulders above the rest. We can not recommend them highly enough.

Rafi from Form Design Studio

Hrvoje at Studio Studio is a true artist - the renderings he and his team create are so realistic and nuanced, it absolutely floors clients. It's so helpful for them to see exactly what they're getting; most people hiring design services because they aren't designers and don't know what a list of details are going to look like as a finished product. Hrvoje's details are absolutely exquisite and we recommend Studio Soba services time and again to different clients for their different needs - everything from showing a developer a final product to helping clients see what a room full of cabinetry will look like - because the quality of his work is always the same: unparalleled.

Jackie from Allie Wood Design Studio