Our services

We are a global service provider for high-end architectural visualizations, CGI still images, 3D animation, 360 VR, and virtual walkthroughs. Our clients are architectural firms, interior design studios, real estate developers and investors, and real estate marketing agencies.

Still images / CGIs

Still images or CGIs are the main part of our workflow. We create photo-realistic visuals of exterior and interior spaces for competitions, presentations, and marketing purposes. Types of still images that we create range from full CGI visual – where we custom model complete landscape and spaces, CGI with backplate – we create still images of an interior or exterior and use professional photography from projects location for a better and more realistic storytelling experience. The standard resolution of our visualizations is 6.000 px per wider side, and by request can be up to 8.000 px.

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3D Animation

We create our 3D animations in the same way we create Still images or CGIs preserving maximum quality and details. 3D animations are an excellent tool when you want to enrich the storytelling experience. The standard resolution of our 3D animation is 1.920 x 1.080 px at 30 frames per second.

360° VR / Virtaul Walkthroughs

360° Virtual Reality hotspots and Virtual Walkthroughs are a more immersive experience of spaces with the ability to look around, move through spaces and even interact with light conditions to see the same perspective in daylight and nighttime.

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Partners and Clients

We are fortunate and honored to be working with some of the best companies in the world. Our Partners and Clients are global leaders in their industries and working with them has been an invaluable experience for each of our team members. We are always open to new collaborations and partnerships.