Contracting the project

  • The project can be agreed upon by the spoken word, email, conference call, or signed contract
  • The agreement is reached once the client accepts the proposal for the project and the timeframe has been defined
  • Upon clients request, a Non-disclosure agreement can be signed prior to the beginning of the project
  • Official communication on the project is in the English language

Start of the project

  • The project is officially opened and all involved parties are invited to our project management tool once the agreement is confirmed from both sides
  • Delivery time is always defined in coordination with the client and it depends on the number of visualizations, the number of interiors and/or exteriors, revisions, material delivery, etc.
  • For maximum workflow, the client has to deliver all needed material (quick brief, digital inputs, FF&E) in a timely manner and in the appropriate digital form

Phase One

  • Everyone from the client’s side who is involved in the project gets an invite to our project management tool Basecamp 3, where they upload all the material, comment, ask for action and communicate with our team.
  • All the workflow is done through Basecamp 3, which is very intuitive and straightforward to use – it can be used on the web app, mobile app, or within an email client

Phase Two

  • Draft versions, clay models, questions and requirements are sent throughout the process of each project to check on models, textures and lightning accuracy to achieve maximum precision and quality of the final visual
  • All draft versions and pre-final renderings are sent in 2.000 px per long side
  • Drafts are uploaded daily if the client has delivered all the needed material in a timely manner

Phase Three

  • Once the client confirms the final draft, we produce the visual in maximum quality defined in the proposal
  • All visuals are produced using our in-house render farm
  • Still images in the resolution of 6.000 px per long side. Additionally, if needed it can be up to 8.000 px per long side
  • 360 VR are produced in 8.000 px or 10.000 px resolution
  • 3D animations are produced in 1920×1080/30 fps format


  • Full payment is after the final delivery and the project is finished unless defined differently in the proposal

Questions or information about our workflow

If you have any questions or require more information about our workflow feel free to contact our Business Development Manager at